We deliver solutions that are practical and
focus on constructability

GCI GROUP CONSULT INTERNATIONAL is a renowned consultancy specializing in civil, structural, and architectural services, celebrated for its inventive, cost-efficient, and award-winning designs. Our reputation extends globally and locally, as we excel in delivering technically complex projects with practical and constructible solutions.​

Backed by extensive local expertise and an unrestricted architectural license, we consistently uphold high standards in engineering and architectural consultancy. Our diverse team, situated in five offices across Australia, one in London, one in Singapore, and two in the Middle East, comprises both local and international professionals who collaborate on innovative ideas with a problem-solving and can-do mindset.​



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Collaborations and Partnerships

Where Vision Meets Expertise. Join us in celebrating the synergy
with our esteemed allies and collaborators. Together, we redefine
possibilities and shape the future of innovation and engineering